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Some of you might not know about The Wiggles, but those of you who are either Australian or have any connection with an extremely young family member will probably have a fair idea. In short, they’re a collection of dudes who do performances for kiddies, and have managed to make themselves a fortune putting smiles on the dials of kids all over the world. Hats off to them!

The question I’m asking isn’t serious ;) But I have to ask it because I think that one of their famous songs has been written with my current software development project in mind! The song I’m referring to is called Hot Potato. For a fab rendition, check out this YooooooouTube vid. Feel free to play it a few times and get used to the dance moves :)

So, why do I think that these guys might have based the song on software dev? Well I think it’s very simple:

  • Hot potato: This refers to the job or task that noone wants to get done. It’s the feature that the client really wants that noone’s prepared to put the time into implementing. It could also mean a subsection of the system that was originally written to adhere to the “cold spaghetti” architecture, which has resulted in code that’s so hard to maintain the nobody wants to touch it.
  • Cold Spaghetti: AKA “code spaghetti”. This is the overall architecture of the software system. It indicates the level of thought that was put into it, and gives a great visualisation of what the resulting code looks like. The beauty of the word “cold” in this scenario is that it adds a new dimension to the well known “spaghetti code” theory. As we all know, cold spaghetti sticks together in one nasty congealed clump of starchy mess, and dissecting it is a nightmare! Soooooo true in the case of spaghetti code.
  • Mash Banana: Currently very regular in the project I’m working on! This is all those fabulous ideas that could possibly improve the quality of the system - but team members don’t like the tall poppies so those ideas are mashed to a pulp so that they never see the light of day and hence don’t make the rest of the team feel insecure due to them not thinking of the idea themselves.

See, it all makes sense!

… or am I barking mad?

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